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Who We Are

LEPOCO is a non-profit citizens group of nearly 1000 members, primarily in the Lehigh Valley area of eastern Pennsylvania. Founded in 1965 to oppose the war in Vietnam, LEPOCO's concerns have broadened to include a range of problems that threaten peace and our planet.

LEPOCO members share a vision that we can build a sane and more just world. Gathering strength from our diversity, we work together and as individuals for nonviolent change, starting in our own community.


What We Do

LEPOCO works to build a just society and a peaceful world through nonviolent action. Activities and programs occur as need dictates and the interest of our members allows. Current offerings, open to interested members of the public, include:

Newsletters and E-mails: LEPOCO's monthly newsletter and regular e-mail updates keep our members informed of upcoming activities and report on our work and issues of concern.

Peace Camp: Young people (ages 6-12), teens, and adults are invited to participate in this week of stories, games, music and crafts each July.

Information Programs: LEPOCO presents expert speakers, study groups, nonviolence training, a monthly film series and informal "Potluck and Politics" sessions for our members and the community.

Outreach: LEPOCO members welcome the opportunity to make presentations for schools, churches and community gatherings. Recent topics included Colombian Peace Communities, young people and militarism, and the growing economic divide. We staff information tables at local festivals and counter recruitment tables in high schools.

Singers: The LEPOCO Peace Singers welcome new members as they prepare to perform for group functions and community programs.

Working Groups: LEPOCO has several active working groups. Currently they include the Youth and Militarism Committee, the Americas Solidarity Group, the Nuclear Abolition Sisters, and the Lehigh Valley Committee Against State Killing. We take an active role in working to end the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Public Actions: LEPOCO members engage in leafleting, vigils, demonstrations and civil disobedience to focus attention on crucial issues. We often organize buses and car pools to national demonstrations.

Resource Center: The Peace Center has literature on issues important to LEPOCO, including information for young people with questions about draft registration and military recruitment. There is a specialized collection of books, dvds and videos available for loan. The Center also has a large collection of buttons, bumper stickers, cards and booklets for sale. During the winter holiday season we sell international fair trade crafts.

Networking: While LEPOCO is a locally autonomous organization, we do cooperate with regional and national groups including the Fellowship of Reconciliation, National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance, Pennsylvanians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty, United for Peace and Justice, and the War Resisters League, and local organizations such as the Alliance for Sustainable Communities - Lehigh Valley, Brandywine Peace Community, and the Lehigh Valley Veterans for Peace.