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1705 W. Broad St., Bethlehem, PA 18018

Friday, June 16 at 7 PM – “Boycott” (2021)

Boycott explores anti-BDS laws and related freedom of speech issues[1] through the stories of a publisher, an attorney, and a pediatric speech pathologist. The three Americans filed lawsuits against their state governments in response to the laws’ effects on their respective livelihoods when said governments canceled their business contracts after they refused to pledge that they would not engage in a boycott of Israel.

70 minutes

Discussion will begin after the film.

Call the LEPOCO office, for more information:  610-691-8730

Young People Making Peace Summer Day Camp – 2023

July 24 – 28
First Presbyterian Church – Allentown

Young People Making Peace Summer Day Camp (Peace Camp) takes place most summers in late July. Founded in 1990, this one-week camp involves children (Kindergarten through 7th grade) and teen and adult volunteers in fun and creative songs, games, stories, craft projects, mostly in small groups, with a focus on peace and justice themes.

Click HERE to go to the Peace Camp page, where you can print flyers to share, register a camper/campers via our NEW online form, and you can pay the camper fee – all in one place!!

Please call the LEPOCO Office, 610-691-8730, for camper registration, or to volunteer.


LEPOCO has a beautiful new t-shirt for sale, designed by Amanda Zaniesienko, featuring a sunflower surrounding the LEPOCO doves logo.  (The sunflower has become the symbol of a world free of nuclear weapons.  This came about after an extraordinary celebration of Ukraine achieving the status of a nuclear free state in the 1990s.)

Photo by Lehigh Valley Apparel Creations. https://www.xlvacx.com

Call 610-691-8730 or email us, lepoco@fast.net for more information. 

$22 each
Union made and locally screen printed – sizes S-XXL.

Second Thursday of every month, 4:30 to 5:30 pm, at the south approach to the Hill-to-Hill Bridge, 3rd & Wyandotte St., South Bethlehem, 18015; contact the LEPOCO Peace Center for more info. We gather safely distanced and masked. Bring your favorite sign or use a sign supplied by vigil regulars.

Call the LEPOCO office, 610-691-8730, to let us know you will be joining us.

Use the button below, to make a one-time donation to LEPOCO.

LEPOCO’s statement on Ukraine

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia must be stopped.  The Lehigh-Pocono Committee of Concern (LEPOCO) envisions a world free from war, violence, and injustice.  To that end, we oppose all wars.

We are alarmed about the war in Ukraine – the brazenness of the Russian invasion, the mounting killings of civilians of all ages, the destruction of homes, schools, human infrastructure, the threats about nuclear weapons and nuclear power. 

Negotiations leading to a ceasefire must be the priority of the United Nations, our government, and all who oppose the assault on Ukraine. 

We urge the federal government to provide humanitarian assistance to the people of Ukraine, those who are continuing to live in their homeland and those who have been forced to flee the horrors of war. 

LEPOCO is committed to nonviolent action; we support the people of Russia who brave severe punishment by their public protest of their government’s actions.

– Statement adopted by the LEPOCO Action Meeting of March 14, 2022

Ukraine – LEPOCO Peace Center

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