Readers React: LEPOCO urges diplomacy to settle Ukraine war

By Susan Ravitz – Published in the Morning Call on March 27, 2022

Many of us are completely alarmed and heartbroken seeing the horrific images of the unprovoked Russian assault on the people of Ukraine. We long for meaningful ways through diplomacy to stop this brazen invasion.

The Lehigh-Pocono Committee of Concern envisions a world free from war, violence and injustice. To that end, LEPOCO opposes all wars and overwhelmingly supports diplomacy.

The brazenness of the Russian invasion, the deliberate killing of civilians, the destruction of homes, schools, human infrastructure, and the threats about nuclear weapons and nuclear power are alarming. Negotiations leading to a ceasefire must be the priority of the United Nations, our government and all in opposition to the assault on Ukraine.

LEPOCO urges the federal government to provide humanitarian assistance to the Ukrainian people, those continuing to live in their homeland and those who have been forced to flee.

LEPOCO is committed to nonviolent action and supports the courageous people of Russia braving severe punishment in their public protest of Putin’s deadly actions. Support diplomacy: Call or write your representatives and senators, contact the Russian embassy, join a local vigil, or protest. Diplomacy, not war.

Susan Ravitz


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