Readers React: Support truce in Yemen

Written and submitted by Janet Ney – Morning Call – May 5, 2022 The Lehigh-Pocono Committee of Concern envisions a world free from war, violence and injustice. LEPOCO has called for an end to the unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. Our sympathies rest with the people of Ukraine who have […]

Readers React: Sunflowers offer a sign of hope

by Mimi Lang – Published in the Morning call March 25, 2022 It was wonderful to read the article about sunflowers blooming throughout the Lehigh Valley in support of the people of Ukraine as they struggle to survive the Russian invasion. Sunflowers are bright and beautiful, offering all of us a sign […]

Why Yemen is the world’s worst humanitarian crisis

By JANET NEY THE MORNING CALL  – 1/25/2021: Your View: Why Yemen is the world’s worst humanitarian crisis Yemen’s people are dying — because of bombs, because of scarcities of essential goods, because of illness and lack of food. For five years, a naval and air blockade has prevented the importation […]