LEPOCO Book Group

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The group has been meeting in the LEPOCO office, located in the basement of Rosemont Lutheran Church, 1705 W. Broad St., Bethlehem, PA.
Please call the office, 610-691-8730, to get more information, if you are interested in joining. 

Who We Are

The LEPOCO book group began as a way to broaden our knowledge on important social justice issues and discuss their relevance. Everyone is welcome to read along and attend discussions. Past books have included titles such as Kill Chain: Drones & the Rise of High Tech Assassins  by Alexander Cockburn and Black Prophetic Fire by Cornell West.

What We Do

The group chooses books to be read and discussed at once monthly discussion meetings. The books are chosen by members of the group.

When We Meet

The book group meets the first Tuesday of every month, except in January and August.  LEPOCO Book Group meets at the LEPOCO office, located in int he basement of Rosemont Lutheran Church – 1705 W. Broad St., Bethlehem. Check out the events calendar for more information about the current month’s meeting and book. For questions about the book club, please call 610-691-8730 or use the form below to inquire.

Learn More

Email lepoco@fast.net.  Make sure you mention in the subject line that you’d like information about the Book Group!