Monthly Peace Vigil


Monthly Peace Vigil

Second Thursday of every month, 4:30 to 5:30 pm (4-5 during daylight saving) at the south approach to the Hill-to-Hill Bridge, 3rd & Wyandotte St., South Bethlehem, 18015.

“When U.S. bombs fly, Yemen’s poor children die.”

Please join us for this local witness against our wars. Our bombs are dropping around the world and the already bloated military budget keeps rising!

Witness to help save the children of Yemen from war and disease. Tell Trump, Bolton & Pompeo to stop threatening Venezuela & Iran.

Please join the vigil to say, “Enough!!!”

Please make a sign and join Ellen Buck and friends in this important witness. (Signs will be available for those who cannot bring their own.)

For more info. call 610-691-8730.